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You will most likely work with Chris Wood on your web project. Chris has been completing freelance web projects (as HandsomeWeb) for more years than he likes to admit. He is also employed full-time as web developer for the University of Texas at Arlington. His skillset includes web design and development, database integration in PHP web applications, graphic design, website optimization, internet marketing, reputation management, and strategic web planning. He has developed many relationships over the years in DFW and would enjoy hearing about your website plans.

Affordable Solutions

Our clients appreciate our ability to provide affordable web services. We won't suggest over-priced solutions that are unneeded. If you have a set budget, we'll design a plan to meet it. We keep rates down by our keeping our costs low through long-standing relationships with service providers, experience in streamlined development, and the low overhead.


Although Chris handles most of the website development, the family and a few contractors lend a helping hand. Kim handles plenty of consulting and client training, while Justin and Dylan provide graphics and writing support. Several professionals in DFW are on our call list for special needs and projects.


Some clients really want a 'cool' website, and we enjoy building all the bells and whistles. Some clients are focused on sales and are only interested in the return on investment. HandsomeWeb does not offer a one-size fits all solution that we try to force everyone into. We assess your needs before formulating a plan to help.

Before we talk about a proposal and a price, we get to know you. We want to know about your business. We want to know about your goals for the site. When we understand who you are and how you want to represent yourself, then we find a solution to meet your needs and fit your budget.

We are upfront in our services and costs before we begin work. Everything we do meets modern website expectations. Yes, your site will be responsive (render well on phones, tablets, PCs, video games, etc.). Yes, your site will be designed with search engine optimization techniques in mind. Yes, we will be mindful of basic accessibility issues. We will also share 'web wisdom' gathered from years of experience to prepare you for the unexpected and often to help you avoid wasting too much money on the wrong things.

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HTML/CSS, MySQL, PHP, WordPress Development, SEO

Kim Wood

Consulting, WordPress Training, WordPress Management

It is time to make your web handsome!

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