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First Public Release of ScoutPack WordPress Theme

Version 1.0 is now available. There was a lot of interest expressed by users of the ScoutTroop theme in a CubScout version or at least some CubScout modifications.  All updates to the theme will be noted in the updates section of the WordPress dashboard.

Please send any suggestions or comments this way.

Plans for future versions:

  • Fix workaround for IE9 bug in menu drop-down.
  • Forced desktop rendering on desktops to prevent unpredictability on browser window resizing.
  • Darker h5 and h6 font color.
  • Style the search box better.


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A WordPress Theme for Cub Scout Packs

Available free for your pack. The template is available without charge and is available as a WordPress theme. Download now and start building your troop’s website.

PLEASE READ the WordPress Theme Help Page, and save lots of time and frustration. The theme is free for Cub Scout Packs to download, install, and customize without any ‘professional’ help. If however, you would prefer to have someone else install it you can get WordPress and the ScoutPack Theme installed free.

Who Uses This?

Here are some examples from around the web:

Let us know if you are using the theme.

Free Means Free

The theme/template is free. It was provided at the request of a B.S.A. unit and is a completely free Cub Scout Pack WordPress theme. If you want to be supportive, buy some popcorn from a Cub Scout.

Responsive and Accessible

The theme is responsive (renders well on large screens and smartphones). It is also designed with web accessibility standards in mind. The theme has been tested on WordPress 4.2.

Someone in the CrossTimbers District asked someone in a Boy Scout troop in Arlington, Texas for a Troop Website Template. After this was done the request for a WordPress theme for Boy Scout Troops was made. Naturally a WordPress Theme for Cub Scout Packs was next.

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© 2020 ScoutPack Theme - Boy Scouts of America
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